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GEWISS has obtained the prestigious certification issued by ASEFA, designed to promote the interoperability of charging systems and ensure that users can rely on the highest safety and performance standards during the charging process.

ASEFA, the international certification body with over 40 years of experience in the electrical engineering sector, has officially released the E.V. READY® certificate to the JOINON I-ON range. This certification is supported by major players in the automotive sector, and ensures complete interoperability between charging infrastructure and rechargeable electric or hybrid vehicles. The certification confirms that these products comply with a series of strict requirements and guarantees the quality of the EV charging solutions on offer to the end user.

The E.V. READY® certification is the result of a final audit and a series of tests carried out directly on the GEWISS production lines, with ASEFA providing a final seal of approval. Each E.V. READY® compliant
compliant has been tested on a one-by-one basis at the end of the production line, to guarantee the highest quality and interoperability with all types of EV.

A key aspect of the E.V. READY® certification process is the assessment of both the product and its installation. This means that in order for a charging point (column or wall-box) to be fully certified with the E.V. READY® mark at the moment of operation by the end user, it must be installed by an E.V. READY® certified professional, the full list of which is publicly available on the ASEFA portal.

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